Two hours to get through it all. Largest Halloween attraction in the world.

Horrible clowns wielding chainsaws. Need we say more.
An action packed walk through an almost actual funeral home.
Two Floors of dead people brought to life for your terrifying pleasure.
A spine tingling tour through the most actual haunted building in America.
From out of the ashes of a scorched earth they just keep on coming.
We won't leave the lights on for you. 3 floors of doomed souls trying to get you.

Filled with illusions in 3D which puts them right in your face. Click here to view the video.
Cover your throats thru this maze of Vampires out to drink your blood.
Designed by the TRAVEL CHANNEL'S Chris Gray, this is a truly horror filled walk through a Romanian Hostel. Very frightening, very sudden!
You won't be able to see your hand in front of your faces. But the creatures in the Fog can certainly see you.
This level attacks every fear you were born with.
A test of all your senses as you slowly make your way through this famous one hundred year old attraction. You will be able to smell the dead people.
Absolutely the wickedest wooden roller coaster on earth. In the dark no less.