Two hours to get through it all. Largest Halloween attraction in the world.

Blood Magik

“The Sacrifice is All Yours.”

We’ve taken you through the Bayou...a place of powerful voodoo conjured by witches of old. You may have wandered through the shack deep in the woods. For our 13th birthday at Ghost Lake, we are taking you to a place beyond the Bayou. It’s another hidden gem that we’ve uncovered just for this special occasion. With surprises comes the unexpected, though. A place where voodoo is as innocent as hopscotch. No...where you’re going this year is much deeper, much darker, and with a lot more risk. Word is that there are rituals the human mind can’t comprehend. There aren’t many survivors, so it’s just hearsay. A piece of advice...hang on to your heads if you seek out this forbidden swamp. Plug your nose to avoid the pungent smell of blood and other ingredients. Oh, and….HIDE!!! You do not want to make a sound lest you be caught and devoured for whatever evil purpose these unhuman beasts are concocting. Your magical trip through the Bayou was unforgettable. Your journey to Blood Magik may just be your last


“ Where your MEAT is our BUSINESS.”

Tons of haunted places have slaughterhouses. They’ve been a staple for a very long time. The Blood Moon Meat Market is a dangerous place like you’ve never seen before. It doesn’t even fit into the same category as a slaughterhouse. You won’t just be a visitor walking through an attraction. Not here. You will be auctioned off, corralled, and processed. The freaks who run the Meat Market don’t play nice. It’s a cattle drive and you’re not the cowboys. The cannibals….hmm mmm...workers there are like no one you’ve ever had the displeasure to run into. They are a filthy, nasty brood of demented non-vegans. We can’t wait to have our old friends for dinner!

The Abandoned Mine?

“ No One Knows What Lurks Beneath ”

Deja Vu

"“ Here We Go Again”

1-2, Freddy’s coming for you (again.) And he’s not alone. He’s bringing his band of baddies to stalk your every move. There’s nothing like the chill that runs up your spine when you sense something is behind you. Try not to trip and fall because these monsters don’t move in slow motion. And we haven’t exorcised all our demons this year, so you're bound to have a few extra encounters. If you feel something breathing on your neck...our best advice? Run!

Carnival of Rust

“Let the Games Begin!”

We’ve brought you clowns with chainsaws, created clowns that glow in the dark, and took you through a Dark Circus and Sideshow. But those were just appetizers. This time, for our 13th birthday bonanza, we are bringing you closer than you’ve ever been to wicked clowns with murderous intent. This is a claustrophobic, old-time, broken down carnival. You better check that your tetanus shot is up to date. It really won’t matter once you meet the first clown. They aren’t the honking red nosed, flower-squirting type. Their bag of tricks don’t contain balloon animals. The best part is how close you will have to get to the clowns to navigate through the Carnival of Rust. This is no game, and the prize is your life. Step right up and see if you can survive


“A Never-Ending Nightmare”

One of our birthday surprises this year. We can’t give too much away, other than to say this is a level the likes of which you’ve never experienced. Your senses will be put to the ultimate test while you’re forced to find your way out. If we reveal any more, it won’t be much of a surprise. You’ll just have to find out for yourself

Forgotten Manor

“Silence Can Be Deadly.”


“Nothing Appears at it Seems”

Have you ever been startled by your own reflection as you pass by a mirror? Do you still run up the steps, hoping whatever is chasing you is just slow enough for you to make it to safety? Do you still jump to your bed to avoid placing your feet too close to whatever lies below it? Our minds play tricks on us every day, and it’s easy to give in to fear. Once you enter the House of Illusions, you won’t know up from down, what is real, or if you should even chance entering through the door. One thing is for sure, this level is not for the faint of heart! The reflection in these mirrors will not be your own. If you make it to the end, you will question your own reality. Take a chance. What do you have to lose?


“ Who’s Afraid of the Dark?”

The Hollow

“ To Hunt or to Be Hunted? ”

There are hidden areas all over Ghost Lake, but none compare to The Hollow. If you can even find its hidden location, only the brave among you should enter...oh and the fastest. This is one area that will snake you deep into the woods. You won’t see standard jump scares here. What’s out in those woods won’t make itself known to you. You may hear a branch break, feel a cool breath on the back of your neck, and possibly catch a glimpse of a silhouette in the distance.
If you enter THEIR home, you won’t be at the top of the food chain anymore. The moment you take your first step onto the wooden bridge you become the hunted. If you decide to take the chance, we suggest you don’t look down over the bridge. At that point you are suspended high into the air, at the mercy of The Hollow. And that’s just the beginning!

Death Row

“Step Into the Mind of a Serial Killer”

Visiting hours are open and your name is on the list. The people you are about to see are not armed robbers or even drug dealers. You are about to stand face to face with a bloodthirsty killer, actually many bloodthirsty killers. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of the prison lies a real, live cannibal.
This level of fear is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s close quarters here at Death Row, and the inmates are just itching to break out. Although we’ve hired the best prison guards in the state, will they be man enough to protect you from pure evil? We’re about to find out!

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